Behind the scenes

We live & breathe eCommerce

Started as Full Service Amazon Agency For Bold Brands.

 We create & execute elite Amazon growth strategies that are tailored specifically for DTC brands.

Started local, continuing global | Founded in 2018

There are no borders in this lovely eCommerce world.

We started with helping local brands scale to global stage here in the Baltics, Europe.
As the years went by, we picked up more advanced strategies and worked with larger clients.
Consequently we soon got our first international clients and realized that we are able to not only match but also outperform many otherinternational agencies.
These agencies are sitting in their comfort zone, charging unreasonable prices and using outdated strategies. We are here to change that because great brands deserve the best!

You don't have to get rid of your agency. They are probably skilled enough. But you have to ask the right questions and push the important tasks!

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Part of the Draugiem Group
  • E-commerce company
    Fast Brands is one of the many international companies that make up the Draugiem Group.
  • Network & Resources
    As part of the bigger company network, we get access to powerful network, tools and resources.
  • Shortly about the group
    Draugiem Group is a place where ideas, knowledge and the latest technologies meet to create modern solutions across various industries.
Other Draugiem Group companies:
  • Printful
    Custom Printing & Warehousing
  • DeskTime
    The ultimate all-in-one automatic time tracker
  • Mapon
    Fleet Management & Asset Tracking Platform
  • Roadgames
    A scavenger hunt games for adventurers
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  • HQ address:
    Ojara Vaciesa 6b,
    Riga, LV-1004

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