Fast Brands was founded in 2018 with the goal to help other companies bring their products to the world's largest online marketplace, reach new customers and expand their business.

We work with all kind of companies – small and big, old and new.

Barriers in the E-commerce world are small... but the potential is incredible!


You no longer need thousands of products to get in a marketplace that has more than 300 million active shoppers in 180 countries across the world.

All you need is the correct strategy, based on data and experience and we will help you with that!

Fast Brands is one of many international companies that make up the Draugiem Group.

Draugiem Group is a place where ideas, knowledge and the latest technologies meet to create modern solutions across various industries.


Here are some of Draugiem Group's successful

E-commerce companies, you might have heard about:

  • Printful - Custom Printing & Warehousing

  • StartupVitamins – Motivation for your business

  • DeskTime – The ultimate all-in-one automatic time tracker

  • Mapon – Fleet Management & Asset Tracking Platform

  • Vendon – Global IoT, Telemetry and Payment solutions for Vending & Coffee businesses



Draugiem Group Headquarters in Riga, Latvia

Also home to Fast Brands.

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