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How to add Seller Fulfilled offers to your existing Amazon FBA listings while they are out-of-stock?

Updated: Apr 25, 2020

Few weeks ago Amazon announced that they will postpone receiving new shipments for most product categories during COVID crisis which left many sellers in an unfortunate situation. From one side, the amount of people shopping online (especially Amazon) and demand for most products has increased. However, many products are running low on inventory and some of them have run out-of-stock, without possibility of sending in new inventory.

Experienced Amazon sellers know that out-of-stock products lose their hard-earned search ranking positions because these products simply do not generate any new sales, and units sold is one of the most important factors that affect a product's search ranking position on Amazon algorithm. Amazon has promised that they will open more categories for inventory replenishment in the coming days and weeks, however, they have not announced any specific deadlines when it could happen for each category, which leaves many Amazon sellers in an unfavourable situation.

Perfect solution for products which have run out of stock on Amazon warehouse.

There is a simple strategy which any Amazon seller can use to keep the new sales coming in and preserve their product organic search ranking. Not many sellers know that you can have multiple offers for your own product. So you can actually have both Amazon FBA offer and Seller Fulfilled offer simultaneously. It isn't really necessary while you have an active Amazon FBA offer with Amazon Prime status, but it does come handy when your product runs out of stock in Amazon warehouse. In that case your product will still show up on Amazon search results and your customers will be able to buy the product – the only difference is that you will have to ship the product yourself.

Pros and cons of Seller Fulfilled Amazon offers.

While it is true that Seller Fulfilled offers have lower conversion rate (= less sales) than Amazon FBA offers which have the lucrative Amazon Prime label, it allows you to capture at least some part of sales which would be missed if your product was out-of-stock. As of result, your product ranking does not decrease so significantly and you continue getting sales.

The only negative aspect is that you will have to pack and ship your products to customers by yourself. You can choose to offer free shipping and cover the cost with product price or set-up a small shipping fee for your products. In the end, you might even get more profit per sale because Amazon doesn't charge Amazon fulfilment fees and monthly storage fees for Seller Fulfilled offers.

How to add a Seller Fulfilled offer to your existing Amazon FBA offer?

This is quite simple. Here is a short guide which will show you how to add Seller Fulfilled offers step-by-step.

1. Click on “Inventory -> Add a Product”. Copy your product ASIN and paste it in the input field, click search icon.

2. Choose “New” and click on the “Sell this product” button.

3. Enter preferred product SKU, Selling price, Quantity, choose “I will ship this item myself (Merchant Fulfilled)” option and click the “Save and finish” button. Suggestion: use the original SKU and just add “-SF” at the end to easily recognize which orders are Seller Fulfilled.

4. Congratulations! Your product now has a Seller Fulfilled offer in addition to your Amazon FBA offer.

Frequently asked questions about Seller Fulfilled offers.

How do they affect existing Amazon FBA offers?

Short answer – they don't. As long as you have items in inventory at Amazon FBA warehouse, your Amazon FBA offers will automatically “Win the Buy Box”. In fact, quite often Amazon FBA offers are not shipped to other countries but you can choose which countries you ship your Seller Fulfilled products to – so you can capture some new International sales. As soon as your product will run out of stock at Amazon warehouse, your Seller Fulfilled offer will “overtake the Buy Box” and all future purchases will be done for your Seller Fulfilled offer (until you ship additional inventory to Amazon warehouse).

Can I change the shipping price, delivery time and order fulfilment (handling) time?

Yes. You can set-up a unique Shipping Template for each product. There you can enter your preferred prices for various shipping methods which you offer (standard shipping, express shipping, international shipping) and adjust the estimated delivery time. After you complete creating the product Shipping Template, you can click “Edit” on your Seller Fulfilled offer from Inventory page and apply the specific Shipping Template. While in the “Edit” view, there is also an input field named “Handling Time” – that is where you enter the number of days it takes for you to hand your products to the shipping company after receiving the order on Amazon.


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